Gift To You - Warning & Awareness

"As a person that has lost a loved one and as a Financial Advisor for over 20 years, I cannot stress enough the importance of the heart of this message. I have worked with many families over the years and I have seen the principles noted in this book work to their benefit. However, I have seen the negative consequences that can ensue when the same principles are ignored.-Quincy J.

The silent, Sniper-like threat lurking in the shadows of the affairs of our life is real and devastating.


No one should be blindsided by this threat.


This threat is at the core of how the death of Leo's dad was influenced and the chaos that was unleashed on those who were left behind.


The discoveries from the circumstances of Leo's dad's death are a valuable warning and critical message.


By documenting the discoveries, it helped protect the life of Leo's uncle.


So many others should experience the same benefit.


The story behind the death of Leo's daddy and the tragic reality that left his family in unprecedented devastation...


Has been captured in the audiobook


My Daddy TOLD Me He Was Murdered

A Message & Warning To The World About The Power of Verbal and Written Words


Everyone must expose the silent, Sniper-like threat and escape the painful reality of sudden devastation and excrutiating grief that follows.


Here's a 2 chapter sample before you access the complete audiobook...

Brief Story Behind Leo's Uncle

"Back in October 2020, my uncle was said to be braindead and to have had severe organ damage. It was conveyed that there was a poor chance of recovery as well as not much more that could be done for him. The very next day after this was conveyed to family, the doctor said, 'I can't explain it,' as my uncle was awake, alert, and responding clearly to medical professionals. Today, he is home and benefiting from ongoing rehabilitation. It was shared that this book and it's content helped to make sure safeguard was put in place to protect my uncle's life, show that he had a will to live, and give him an opportunity to recover. Without it, we would have been mourning the lost of my uncle rather than celebrating his recovery." -Leo



Hear some of what has been said about My Daddy TOLD He Was Murdered:

“My biggest takeaway is that what is spoken flies and what is written remains. If you don’t write things down, no one cares what you say.” - Dylan S.


“The structure and layout of this book is absolutely is intriguing and not only helps to capture the intentions of the author but to amplify the valuable message to the reader.” -Cody J.


"I've never seen a book written like this before. This is an absolute must read!" -Josh D.


"After reading this, I encouraged my parents to re-visit their decision...and how it can be abused if too much power is placed in the wrong hands. We hope this never happens, and may even be in denial that it could happen, but as with the author, it happened too quickly to correct and now hindsight is 20/20. I commend the author for chronicling it all (as it is still a new loss) and sharing his story to help others..." -Dawn M.

Why Gift of Warning & Awareness?
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Whether you are a spouse, a parent, a grandparent, someone's child, an advisor, an estate planner, a client, or just a living, breathing person (that about covers everyone)...



Make sure the unprecedented devastation and tragedy experienced by Leo and his family that rocked their world is AVOIDED.


Learn from the tragic realites and the story behind the death of Leo's daddy today.


Make sure a family's world is not rocked!






Simply cover the cost for making the audiobook available to you.


Then get your Gift of Warning & Awareness in the message.


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